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THOUGHT OF THE MOMENT: I need to clean my house. Hahaha... And give special attention to intimate objects. I'm weird like that. I like to "cherish" things sometimes. LMAO!

Hey, guys! I'm Dee. You can find me in the U.S. Sometimes Outer Space. I'm a very laid-back person with a great sense of humor. True blonde, deep sexy voice, dangerous curves, 47" hips & ass, and big, natural boobies. Yeah! I'd say I'm a good catch. Highly rated. If you want to talk or something, send me a message. I'm interested in entertaining each other.

General Interests: Science, space explorations, technology, and health.
Hobbies/Recreation: Wandering, gardening, rollerblading, kayaking, weight training, & SHOPPING!
Music: I can enjoy anything from almost any genre. I mostly enjoy rap/hip hop, rock/metal/industrial, reggaeton, radio music.
TV / Movies: News, Reality TV, Documentaries, Budget Films.
Gets Me Wet: Knowledgeable, poise men. Changed men. Confidence. Men of all shapes, sizes, & ethnicity. Hardcore porn. Evil villain facial characteristics. Sharp eyebrows, dark eyes. Light eyes are nice too. Don't get me wrong. I also think a gap in your 2 front teeth is sexy. Protectors, not offenders.

Send a message asking to chat (if my chat isn't on) and I'll connect ASAP! 

||| SOLO PLAY VIDEO (10 min. or less) ||| Ask for the list.
(LAST UPDATED: 9/4/14)

||| PICTURES ||| 5 for $10 / 15 for $20. (Nudity/non-nudity, you choose.)
(LAST UPDATED: 9/4/14) 

||| TEASER VIDEO ||| $5
(LAST UPDATED: 9/4/14) 

||| CUM TAX ||| Paid Message.

||| CUSTOM CONTENT ||| Custom content is considered. I produce quality over quantity and like to be paid well for my efforts. An hourly fee and/or flat fee can be discussed depending on the project. Expect a delivery time of 3 - 7 days unless otherwise stated.

Here are a few ideas:

Up Close & Pussy: Visualize my tight pussy and all of it's glory up close and personally.
10 HQ Pictures. $99

Boobie Lover: Love cleavage? Sexy bras? Oil? Lotion? Titty Fuck (w/ toy)?
10 HQ Pictures. $75

Manicure: I like to have my nails done at least every couples of week. I want to show them off to you while holding my luscious body parts of choice.
10 HQ Pictures. $75.

Pedicure: Imagine my soft, freshly painted toes... Accessories & Heels optional!
10 HQ Pictures. $55.

$45 // 15 minute block.
Shows include c2c, talking, strip teasing, & solo play only.

$10 // 15 minute block.
To watch you, without my cam being on.

I'm only available to stream my cam right away if I'm on the "ON CAM" page. Feel free to contribute for a block session with a scheduled time (EST US) for me to appear and I'll do my best to show up! If you don't show up, I keep the contribution! If I don't show up for any reason, I'll refund you.


OKAY, new goal.


ANY guy out there who is NICE to me and contributes out of the kindness of their heart will automatically be listed to receive ALL OF MY PHOTOS which I will be taking on my vacation to Puerto Rico (Winter, 2015). This includes scenic photos, and sexy selfies.

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(All names will be anonymous.)


 Bringing back the QOTW after a few months hiatus. Been doing it for well over a year but ran out of questions! Now I'm back to business.

Have you ever done a good deed for a complete stranger? If so, what did you do?

Answers: 1

My answer: About 7 years ago, I was at JFK airport in NYC. My flight was canceled due to weather so I had to stick around for another day. I saw an elderly woman sobbing as I was passing by to get a coffee. I asked her what was wrong and if she needed any help. She had missed her midnight flight by showing up the next night at midnight. The airport wouldn't refund her for the mistake or put her on the next flight free of charge. She didn't have the full amount of money to buy another ticket. I felt really bad for her. I decided to buy her a ticket to her destination, something to eat, and I hung with her for a little bit until she checked in. She was so grateful for my help that she cried and gave me many kisses and hugs.

1. "I don't think its that great of a deed, but on my way to work once this woman approached me, and asked if I could push her wheelchair across the street because she needed to catch the bus. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to be late, but I walked her across and then rushed to work with a minute to spare." 





Vote on and/or suggest a costume. Pictures will be taken while wearing the winning costume on Halloween & sent to all of the participants. Last year Harley Quinn won the costume vote. If you'd like to see those pics, let me know. I had a lot of fun with this so I'd like to do it again!

Costume Suggestion + Vote: 1 Paid Message
1 Vote: 1 Paid Message
***** 7 votes for every 5 credits contributed *****



1. Callisto from Xena: Warrior Princess   ( 2 )
2. Mystique from X-Men   ( 1 )
3. Power Girl   ( 1 )
4. French Maid   ( 1 )
5. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider   ( 5 )
6. Princess Leia from Episode 4  ( 15 )
7. Marilyn Monroe   ( 1 )
8. Angel   ( 1 )
9. She-Ra   ( 1 )
10. Black Mamba from Kill Bill   ( 1 )
11. Batgirl   ( 1 )
12. Supergirl   ( 3 )
13. Naughty Nurse   ( 1 )
14. Slutty Military Woman  ( 1 )
15. Doctor  ( 1 )
16. Naughty Mail Lady  ( 1 )
17. Black Mamba from Kill Bill  ( 1 )
18. Marilyn Monroe  ( 1 )