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GOAL: $1209 / $1600


Yeah, believe it or not my car needs maintenance and the longer I go without getting shit fixed the worse it gets. I would love some help! Messages, video contributions, etc. all count toward this goal. If every guy in my ratings sent $1, I'd be so close to hitting goal... but 97% of those guys are either now inactive or have lost interest in me! :( Hey! It happens... BUT NOW THAT YOU KNOW, FEEL BAD FOR ME!


Hey guys, I'm Delvina! I have a great sense of humor, that's my number 1 personality trait. I can find something funny in almost anything. I enjoy entertaining people, especially myself. So, being on this site is fun for me. I've been enjoying this site in particular for a little over 2 years and so far, SO GOOD. I enjoy the growing relationships I have with some of the guys here. It's fun to have friendships over the net, especially when you're a lonely girl like me. ;) Those who help with my goals are appreciated greatly. I work from home so any help I can get here is GREAT! The content you will find from me and that I'm interested in doing is all SOLO video & photo content. This pussy is yours only.


[ Been doing the QOTW for over 1.5 years now ]

What's something that you're always running out of? 

I run out of make up removing wipes quite often.

1. "Time. With school and work i never feel like I have enough time to relax and enjoy myself"

2. "Money and Cum"

3. "Brylcream and razors. Elvis hair and chops are hard to maintain with thick unruly hair and fast growing facial hair."

4. "lots of things. Usually razor blades or spectatcle lens cleaner."

5. "clothes it seems like I'm always washing clothes!"

6. "I feel that I'm always running out of time." 

7. "for me I run out of money and dog food. my sister has 2 small dogs that I help take care of."



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Photo: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, early 2012?

Photo: Harley Quinn. Halloween: 2013, Puerto Rico.
This costume was suggested by you guys and voted for most in a poll.