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Im back babies!


I'm Emma; a tattooed, pierced, bespectacled, 50's pin-up girl at heart. I might have a slight case of bitch-face. I speak a little french, I love to read, I'm a huge film buff and I smoke a lot of weed. I'm like a slightly more cultured, stoner-girl-next-door. I enjoy witty repartee and good conversation as much as I enjoy a good fuck. 

**I love fetishes! Nothing is too much or embarrassing to me, I'd love to hear about your fetish and potentially make some videos that cater to yours!**

21 || 5'5" || 34C



                            :here's what I'm into:

photography, FILMS, kitty cats, art, fishnets, corsets, wearing black, very very high heels, leather, books, kinky romance novels especially, reddit (occasionally I post on gonewild), exhibitionism, BDSM, public nudity

If there's a particular kink you're curious about, shoot me a message and we can have a chat ;)

** I'm always looking to expand my sex toy collection, if you buy me a toy, I'll send you a video of me using that toy! **


Bathtub Toothbrush ~~ *NEW* $20 (10:29) Full face and body, I use my electric toothbrush to have some fun in the tub.

8 Minute Masturbation ~~ $13 (8:42) Exactly what it sounds like. Hitachi + fingers, furry spread pussy, face visible, multiple orgasms

Baby Buttplug ~~ $7 (2:27) I tease my furry puss, finger my lil butt and play with a teeny tiny buttplug

Bar Bathroom Fun ~~ $15 (2:50) I get eaten out in a bar bathroom. One of my few B/G videos! 

Sensual Butt Touching ~~ $13 (2:08) black and white, artsy video of a partner caressing my ass 

Close Up Boobs ~~ $15 (6:05) Long video of me playing with my boobs and putting on different bras, close up on my torso only

Hear Me Moan ~~ $15 (4:30) Masturbation with fingers and vibrator, you can hear me moaning in this one! No face shown. 

Hitachi Time! ~~ $5 (3:01) Super close up cell phone vid, finger pussy and Hitachi orgasm

Dildo Fuck+Hitachi ~~ $15 (6:25) I suck on my toy, fuck myself with it and eventually get out my Hitachi


Bathtub Piss ~~ $5 (1:11) Peein' in a bathtub, playin' with my clit

Panty Piss ~~ $5 (1:15) I squat in the shower and pee my panties and show you how wet they are

Little Black Dress Piss ~~ $3 (0:22) Peeing at a party wearing my lil black dress

Piss and Pour ~~ $13 (1:30) I pee into a clear container and pour it all over myself, self golden shower? 

**buy all 7 of my piss fetish videos for only $25**

I'm still working on getting all my videos up here!

paid message for more screencap previews


Videos available for (1) Paid Message

Cake Strip ~~ (1:51) One of my first stripping videos! Bear with me as I dance along to Cake and get naked in the process! 

Smoking and Boobies! ~~ (00:51) In this one I smoke some tasty trees and then play with my tits and pierced nips.



$2 per pic, just let me know how many you'd like and what you'd like them to be of!