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In need of heavy petting.

(Salirophilia) is a sexual fetish or paraphilia that involves deriving erotic pleasure from soiling or disheveling the object of one's desire, usually an attractive person. It may involve tearing or damaging their clothing, covering them in mud or filth, or messing their hair or makeup. 

Sexually, I am well versed in the arts of BDSM. I engage in sex positivity, body positivity and feminism within my sexual experiences. I consider myself queer, polyamorous, kinky and sapiosexual. Sexual mind games are my favorite. I equally enjoy being debased, humiliated and used.. as well as being dominant and degrading others. Don't let my sweet demeanor fool you, I have a sharp tongue to match my wit.

I am very open minded of fetishes/kinks and can be quite accommodating if you are willing to share. 

I am interested in creating custom content for individuals. As lucrative as it probably would be to churn out a handful of broad, watered down videos, it is not exactly what I am looking for. I want to discuss and learn your individual tastes and preferences, in fact, learning exactly what makes you tick gives me great pleasure. Although I am a sex worker, I still want to have a pleasant erotic experience with you, and nothing gets me going more than digging into another's fantasies.  


Outside of the bedrooms I have various hobbies, including crafting, cooking, playing music and writing.