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all these newbies in my friends. say hi!


Ellie [defined as] an eighteen year old, Latina bombshell. Hopelessly in love with attention, and those who give it (harder, please).  Guaranteed to mewl and paw right back (though that might resemble intelligent conversation and naughty talk rather than kitten purrs).  All she wants to be is the neurotic Latin princess of your (her Daddy's) Heart.

Because, if I had to write a textbook entry about myself, it'd probably read like the above.  In all seriousness, I'm a girl with rising student loans who relishes in the sensual.  Currently studying Equestrian Studies.  I know, horses, let the jokes about how well I 'ride' commence (Hint: I ride very well on most animals, including you)!  Definitely not the type to dominate, I prefer a good strong commanding hand telling/showing/demanding me what to do.

That being said, I'm here to talk with you about anything!  Meeting new people and exploring new things here is what this is all about, so don't hesitate to say hey.  Let's talk about a movie (I'm a huge buff), about music (I'm into anything that's good as hell), about history (humans are insane), about my boobs (they're pierced!), about my dogs (my best friends), or about your cock (it's probably great).  Let's get something going!

Notice: I don't particularly appreciate freeloaders.  There are plenty of sites out there where you can find that with the quality to match - so if you're only going to chat me up in order to ask me for some free nudes without the intention to later back it up (I can understand a little preview, with the intention in wanting more), then please don't bother - and may I redirect you to a phenomena called free internet porn!  That being said, I offer tons of goodies for those more inclined to get personal. I just started out this profile and don't want to get into the habit of selling myself short.  Feel free to chat me for any inquiries or to talk, but please to realize my time is worth something, and if you're willing to pay I am completely willing to make it worth your while.  Chat me for prices an details :)