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Layla Monroe

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paid msg = 10 random vids

MAKING ROOM FOR NEW CONTENT .... new smoking content on its way --- taking requests and suggestions as to what to add to this in 2015 :D <3



"So... dont let the world bring you down... not everyone here is the fucked up and cold... remember why you came and while youre alive, experience the warmth , before you grow old .... "


Hey guys!!!!

  I am Layla aka Miss Layla Monroe,Ive been around and on here for a while now :)  ... I am an Aquarius, 5'7" , hazel eyes, brunette

I <3 LOVE <3 Music ... what kind you ask ?? well lets see, some of my favorite artists are STAIND , Reo Speedwagon , eagles , tupac, incubus , lil wayne, amity affliction, five finger death punch, Chopin,fleetwoodmac , garth brooks,zeppelin, nicki minaj , elvis, etta james ... see where I am going with this ?? I just love MUSIC :P


eyes on fire - zed dead remix

sex on fire / kings of leon

#1 crush garbage

user friendly - marilyn manson

painted on my heart

some of my fav tv shows: Nip/Tuck , House , Breaking Bad, Raising Hope , Damages , Friends

  Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Forced f & b , torture, FINdom FEMDOM , erotic hypnosis , etc is a game I love to play. If its not something you are into - cool beans- no biggie - but if you are ... I think you have found your Princess / Goddess right here :p

 I love fetishes... I am very open minded and love to indulge in the fetish world... I will start listing fetish categories and vids under each category as I make them ... email me if you have specific requests for fetish categories / vids .... 




 I ALWAYS TAKE CUSTOM REQUESTs!! Have a fantasy you want to see brought to life? Let me know what it is and we can work something out :)


Solo female

up close playing with toy - short clip ONLY

 Bathtime faucet play 

Black thong play

BUBBLE BATH PLAYTIME - start of in the bath but get horny, get my black dildo and do myself in the water, then get on the side and give you a great underneath view of me taking it with my ass bouncing too, then rub it out , and relax (7:31) 

 Purple satin panty play

 Chaps STRIP TEASE - me doing a strip tease in a sexy stripper chaps outfit in my living room to great music and even playing with myself ! (10:47) $4

 Fingers only! I come home lay down and get frisky, my fingers only, but spreading and rubbing my clit so you have a nice view of my pink pussy and asshole (14:34)

 Glass dildo (10:00)

 Panty licking (and stuffing) listen to me tell u how good it smells and tastes while I clean my panties


 Pillow humping

Purple floral panty play (with vibe)

Red satin outfit strip tease

SCHOOL GIRL  (dp and LOTS OF DIRTY TALK!) optional ending of water sports in the shower (make sure to include with or without optional ending) (15:57/ 15:00) $4

Playing with “violet” and floor rubbing

White panty SCHOOL GIRL anal play start off as a strip tease (white cotton brief panties) playing around showing off my panties then pulling them off to show off an amazing view of my pussy and asshole  then fuck my ass with a toy (great up close and POV views!!) (14:07) $3




 Blow job to facial BBC $3

WHITE BRA BJ - sucking a BBC wearing a white bra cum shot on tits $3 (10:38)








Anal play (14:31) $3




Ass pop (4:41) 

Ass pop 2 (2:37) 

(14:14)  $4

Humiliation / Worship/ Instructional

asshole humiliation - Im going to show off my asshole and tell you how NASTY you are for loving it so much and wanting to stick your tongue deep inside of it ... (5:13)  ONLY $5

Ass worship #1 $3

BJ instructional (learn how to suck dick like a pro) $5

Blackmail ( the start of your end)$5


DESTROYING YOUR RELATIONSHIP!!! Instructional (5:57) $4

Strap on GOING TO TRAIN YOUR ASS 2 (8:37) $5

Strap on HUMILIATION - this was a video I did for auctioning off the strap on but it was too good not to share :) (2:22) $3

GOOD MORNING LOSER (the vid u need to watch every morning to remind you what a LOSER YOU ARE) (8:29) $4

CBT assignment WITH humiliation #`1 - I am going to make your little clit dickling HURT badly - you WILL do as I say (7:22) $6


red light / GREEN light (instructional)

DONT CHEAT ON ME! Forced bi - pov  this is a custom clip please msg me for descriptxion - its brutal :) (13:00) $7

*LOCKED UP - part 1 - tease and denial CHASTITY $10

even  a master must submit to the MISTRESS! spanking vid - watch me bend him over my knee and talk shit to him $8


Other fetishes


smoking / pedal pumping engine reving

 DADDY please let me drive!!! oh and can i have one of moms cigarettes??? (this ones focus isnt so much the pedal - its the daddy / driving/ smoking moms harsh cigarette )

 GIRL ON GIRL - first attempt licking / smoking

NEW  fisting vid APPROX 15 mins - male friend AND DOING IT MYSELF :) 


COMPLIED pee/watersports vid (over 7 mins of all my best GOLDEN moments) $5

GAGGING to tears (on toy)

SHAVING ( 2 vids count as 1!) arm pits / legs & pussy

FARTING pinned down under my ass!!! $10

fetish BROWN / EFRO / on toliet vid $20 ( this is the ONLY vid that doesnt count towards special offers unless its a bathroom special)


STRAP ON HUMILIATION - me , your bitchy girlfriend, has totally busted you and your bi tendencies...thats right, I checked your internet history ... I bust out the surprise toys I got ... and humiliate you with my new strap on... no pussy for you.. if you are going to watch some bi porn and watch guys getting eachother off... then thats what you will get $8


domme smoking with leather gloves - let me intoxicate you with My smoke (the lighting turned out amazing!;) ) $6


CUCKY- I brought a black guy home from the club for a quick bang... sit back and watch doggy style with my panties pulled to the side... oh, I did promise you clean up duty...but since you havent been doing your job... you can take my creampie panties and leave... $8


PIE TO THE FACE... no a LITERAL shaving cream pie to the face .... and I show off my sexy crew sock as well $10




Bathroom playtime $5

Object insertion - hair brush, curling iron, warm up with my fist for LARGE mountian dew bottle, then....BEDPOST (yes bedpost!) also kinda play with the heel of a stiletto (15:55) $4



Christmas Party  ( I come over to your party, your friends are all there, I tell you they can watch, but only YOU can fuck me)

CUM WITH ME!!!!  ( I come over but all your friends are there … my hubby is out of town, and you are watching the game…. You can ALL watch me… maybe we can all cum at the same time) (14:24) $2

Office theory  ( I am your boss, and ALL of my employees NEED MOTIVATION, so we can get work done , all of My employees MUST participate )


SMOKING while playing with bullet & PUSSY PUMP (17:08) $8

smoking while getting my pussy eaten (5:22) $4

SMOKING and doing it ALL (interracial oral & HARD fucking)(12:44) $8

Forced TO INHALE MY SMOKE (hot dom vid)(5:06) $4

smoking while topless doing my make up (shot pov style as though you were my mirror) (9:56) $5

Smoking and playing (hands only) in front of fireplace (5:30) $4

smoking while in the bathtub shaving (6:07) $3

Smoking desperation ( I will do ANYTHING for a cigarette) (6:15) $4

Smoking topless (hot vid with black backdrop) (4:29) $4

Smoking white bra (4:46) $1

smoking and playing with my Hitachi for the very first time- $7


SMOKING with satin gloves - tease and denial hand job ... ruined orgasms  $7


Smoking and oral BBC (bareface)  (4:45) $3

CIGAR/ CREAMEPIE POV (shot pov style - like Im getting fucked by you as I smoke a cigar... ending with a creampie and a close up shot of the cum cumming out of my pussy)    (11:37) $8                                                                                                                     

HUMAN ASHTRAY pov - become Miss Layla's personal ashtray - for smoke slaves  (7:13) $10

 smoking facial (shot POV style) This video is shot POV (point of view) as though you are standing over me (Braxton is the **** in this vid LOL ) while I DOUBLE smoke (which means 2 cigarettes , sometimes in one hand, sometimes a cigarette in each hand)  and ask to play a game
"I SMOKE - YOU STROKE"   I give encouragement and instructions on how to touch yourself - and give you a pretty target ... MY FACE ... there is a seriously SERIOUSLY MASSIVE load AAALLLL over my face (even got a shot to the eye - lmao - if you have ever experienced tht you know why its worth mentioning)      (9:09) $10                


ANAL (toys and fingers)  & SMOKING - (7:32) $7

WATERSPORTS smoking - starting off on the toliet - with a great view of my stream while I light up a cigarette... and I go to the bed and play with myself (6:27) $5 

Smoking FACE FUCK (start off sucking a cock while smoking, then ending up laying down and getting my face FUCKED and a cum shot ALL OVER my titties (12:50) $8

Smoking/lipstick fetish VS 120s - I use a few different lipsticks and glosses showing off my lips as I smoke a sexy 120  (8:29)  $4

smoking history - I smoke while telling you about my ENTIRE smoking history , when I started how etc etc its a "vlog" style video (8:58) $2

  smoking (nat shermans) while doing make up $5

smokey kisses - shotgun smoke/ interracial kissing $4

smoking lipstick 2 (just me smoking and touching up lips in a HOTT outfit) ANY contribution!

smoking and lotion legs (cigarette holder clip) $3

*smoking - sensual domination POV - you cant help but watch me smoke...i dont even have to be naked to get you off .. thats how much you love my smoking -now you are going to use my ashes to get off.. thats right, watch me smoke, as I give you my ashes to rub all over you .. 7 mins $7

*smoking (step daddy BUSTED-POV) you bust me smoking in my room, but I see it turns you on ... dont tell on me... we can work  something out right? ...dont be mad daddy - you can stroke and watch ... and I will let you cum all over my face ... oh , you like the sexy school girl outfit I am wearing too, dont you ;) 5 mins $7

new 6/28 smoking in sexy lingerie (laying on my stomach) showing off the soles of my feet - sole scrunching arching etc  :)   $4

smoking / relaxing - I have had a BAD day , but Braxton is going to make it better... Im going to sit between his legs and lay back and smoke, as he helps me "release" - by the second cigarette I cant even smoke myself, he has to help me... because he has busted out the hitachi ... ooohhh I NEEDED that! $5

smoking outside... was just cleaning house in my bra and booty shorts , stepped out for a quick smoke break (any contribution)

 FEED ME - a cigarette and cock :P painting my nails - and I want to smoke , but you want a blow job... hmm... I will give you a blow job as long as you are feeding me a cigarette at the same time!!!! when Im done, so are you - better make it count! :D $5

EXTREME SMOKING chainsmoking/double smoking / ultimate light ups etc

extreme ultimate light ups (entire pack of VS super slims) (30:53)

11 cigarette & make up (21:22)

chain smoking - smoking while reading Marlboro Reds (14:35)

multiple SNAPS and slow open mouth exhales (16:34)

smoking dangle make up (15:38)

double smoking  super slims - 2 at once (15:12)

smoking painting nails (19:37)




BBC COUCH FUCKING (amazing close ups – huge cum shot)

SHOWER FUCK (14:06) 

First attempt at a cream pie

TOPLESS HAND JOB… huge load all over my TITS (12:49) 

FISTING (10:46) 

POV FUCKING !! BBC - its like you are there, starting off by fingering me and spreading my lips wide, then I start to suck you off, and make you get inside of me while Im on my back, I turn to my side and then let you bend me over... then I grab you , lay you down and starting sucking your cock, I get on top and you get the close up view of my pussy being fucked as you work your way up to my titties bouncing and looking in my eyes , then back down while I pull my hood back so you can see my throbbing clit as I take it, then reverse cowgirl, (12:01) 

“riding” Short clip – riding BBC making the ass BOUNCE cum shot on ass (1:42) 

ass bouncing -short from behind clip taking a BBC ONLY 

SEXin up 1 ( lots of postions and HUGE load all over my tits!)

SQUIRTING (first squirting vid ever!) (15:25) 

OILED UP - strip tease from street clothes, oil myself up and play with myself, then getting fucked, ending with me sucking him off half in my mouth swallowed other half so you can see, I show the camera that its in my mouth :) (18:48) 



Date night

Satin pantie ANAL cucky vid … INTERRACIAL /BBC … HUGE LOAD all over my ass


BLACK IS BETTER (2) (10:40)  $10

LOOK WHAT I MADE FOR YOU CUCKY vid - forced to eat used BBC condoms $5

*CUCKY - the FULL experience ... your name is CUCK (30:00)vid!!! $13

forced bi racial humiliation WHY BLACK IS BETTER (13:46) $10


 Painting toenails (3:23) $1

*foot worship - I am your drug (pov) on your knees - watch me show off my feet as I show them off and remind you just how much you love them and anything that comes from them... my foot dust is going to be your drug - I am your drug .... watch me put it on the mirror as you are forced to inhale me - 6 mins $5

FOOD CRUSHING ( 3 vids!!!count as one) heels crushing crackers/heels crushing marshmallows/ dirty tennis shoes/barefeet crushing marshmallows

Green sock play (2:38) $1

 FOOT JOB on a BBC huge load all over my bare feet - watch me rub in the cum like lotion 

 BARE FEET cock crushing vid


Bathtub soapy long wet hair $5

hair washing solo 2 

wet hair / hair brushing